Mountain Top Removal and Social Media

How is it that 66% of West Virginians are against mountain top removal, and yet their state legislature, which they elect, can’t (won’t) pass a decent law to stop it?

Does this have something to do with social media? Mountain top media? The media is on the top of the mountain and we’re way down here? Not enough connections?

Not just a West Virginia problem.   And yet, greed, though frustrating and baffling, is not the cause.  And we are not bad because we are ignorant and not well enough able to connect the dots.   We are connecting them; and it is getting clearer that this is in the interest of each and every individual bundle of experience and desires, and not just of a few.


1 Response to “Mountain Top Removal and Social Media”

  1. 1 Matthew L-W January 19, 2009 at 2:02 am

    The issue of Mountain top removal has been pulled into the larger world of Social media — thanks to an aggressive, student-and-community led effort over the past three or four years.

    The cream of the resulting effort to publicize the appalling tragedy of Mountain top removal is at “I love”. For a link, see

    West Virginia is on the cutting edge of a lot of things, however some of the basic campaigns for clean water and safe communities take a huge amount of effort to organize. Being able to use Social media is definitely something that will help.

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