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Represent.Us and the American Anti-Corruption Act

is a transpartisan non-profit organization working to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act. This Act – if backed by enough of us – has the ability to drastically reduce political corruption and restore fair elections by us, the People, and not the Money.

Represent.Us and the Act are supported by committed Progressives, Conservatives, Tea-Party founders, Occupy founders, etc.   See more about their board of advisers here.


Effects of Gerrymandering on 2012 North Carolina Elections

North Carolina has 13 U.S. House Districts.

In 2010 Republicans used millions of dollars in funding from wealthy individuals and corporations to take control of state legislatures.     Because this was a US Census year, this gave Republican legislators the power to redraw voter district boundaries to be heavily in their favor.  North Carolina was a major target for Republican RedMapping and their  strategy worked extremely well.   (See more info about RedMapping” here and here.)  This strategy explains why Republicans continue to control the U.S. House of Representatives whereas they could not win majorities in elections based on popular vote, such as elections for the President and Senate.

Here are the results of Republican gerrymandering on 2012 Elections for 13 U.S. House Seats in North Carolina:

Total votes for Democratic Candidates:  2,219,165
(50.6% of the popular vote)

Total votes for Republican Candidates:  2,143,118
(48.9% of the popular vote)

Total votes for Libertarian Candidates:         24,044
(0.5% of the popular vote)


Total House Seats won by Democrats:   4 out of 13 (31% of House seats)

Total House Seats won by Republicans:  9 out of 13  (69% of House seats)

If district boundaries were anywhere near fair, Republicans and Democrats would have each won between 45% and 55% of the 13 House Seats.

Gerrymandering by either party is the 2nd worst type of political corruption – 2nd only to unlimited funding by corporations and mega-wealthy individuals.

We the People have the power to end gerrymandering and other types of political corruption.

One simple step is to emphatically and frequently go on record as strongly supporting an end to gerrymandering.

Here is a petition  by a North Carolina citizen that you can support.  Their goal is 5000 signatures.  That goal is way too low!   Please sign and pass on this petition – and consider what else we can do in states all over the U.S.

Petition to End Gerrymandering


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