Is a Trust-Worthy Website?

I’m trying to check out    This site seems to be getting a lot of traction, especially in Facebook postings.   Their articles have almost irresistible “Wow” factor.

So far I can’t find who they are.   (If you have info please let me know.)

Their website provides zero info about who owns, runs, or edits the site.

Their whois listing is completely private, registered by proxy.

Google searches come up empty about ownership.

I have found a few blog posts like this one who aren’t impressed by their accuracy:

The author of the post above inspected WDYTT’s story sources and found biased distortions on the part of Whydontyoutrythis editors in reporting those sources.  (I have not verified his conclusion.)

Most of their articles seem anti-big government and big-corporations, anti-GMO, anti-big-pharma, etc.  And yet they also have other articles that claim to have evidence that Global Warming theory and research is biased and wrong and full of lies, for example this article:

Who are the Deniers Now? Record Ice Growth in 2013.”

And these also:

“NASA Report verifies Carbon Dioxide actually Cools Atmosphere”

And Now It’s Global COOLING! Arctic Ice Cap Grows By 60% In A Year

I can’t help wondering if their anti-big-corporation and spiritual miracle articles are baits to get progressive cause supporters to read anti-global warming articles.  But wondering isn’t enough to reach a conclusion.  If you know more about them, please let me know.


6 Responses to “Is a Trust-Worthy Website?”

  1. 1 Philippe joannis September 25, 2013 at 5:01 am

    Hi, thanks for you note. I had the same question about on who is speaking on that site, who is the editor, so that it add some perspective on their bias

    And your note is the only thing I have found on the topic, wich is just amazing, when you consider how many people just relay their news.

    I think the site might the the same editors than “” since some regular contributors come from this site – close in it’s spirit from unworthy and unworthy has also a similar contruction, based on strong headlines.

    See for exemple

    it comes from Brandon Weber, contributor on Upworthy, and here is upworthy about page.

    to the question on “how you get money ? ” which is always a good question if you want to understand motivation, the answer is :

    “Well, first of all, we don’t make much yet. But our model is to connect readers with non-profits and other organizations who are looking to grow their memberships via the sign-up boxes you might have noticed on your way into the site.”

    the cofounders are – Eli Pariser and Peter Koechley

    What do you think of this proximity between the two sites ?


    Philippe, from Paris

  2. 2 duncanwork September 25, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Hi Philippe,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I think WhyDontYouTryThis (WDYTT) is not allied with Upworthy because a) Upworthy is very upfront about who owns and edits their content, and they also make their values clear. E.g., their page says this:

    “But we do have a point of view. We’re pro-gay marriage, and we’re anti-child poverty. We think the media is horrible to women, we think climate change is real, and we think the government has a lot to learn from the Internet about efficiency, disruption, and effectiveness.”

    “And then there are dozens of issues where our curators disagree with each other — areas where there’s legitimate debate to be had amongst well-meaning people. We try to encourage that debate by curating great pieces of content that represent different sides.”

    WDYTT doesn’t reveal who they are or what their values are. As mentioned in my post they feature a lot of stores that you’d think progressives would resonate with; but then they also run stories that attempt to deny the science about global warming. I can’t imagine Upworthy running such stories.

    But I may be wrong. I suppose we could ask Upworthy. Do a little fact-checking of our own.

    All the best,


  3. 3 duncanwork September 25, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    I just wrote to upworthy and will let you know.

  4. 4 Philippe joannis October 1, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Your point is solid. but no news from Upworthy ?

  5. 6 TimDoLa December 10, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    yeah I am curious about this to but I kind of agree with Duncanwork it doesn’t sound like Upworthy I will do my own search and report back as well
    …unless the answer is already here

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