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Reflection on Connection

Illusions swim in Reality
making, breaking, and keeping connections.

For example –

Shy person falls in love.

An experience and a story with billions of variations.


Or Deeper Reality?

My consciousness,

My Self.

So self-centered, yet
it extends out and out
to as much of the Universe
as I can be aware of.

When I make a connection
with another
it feels real, and yet
I do not cross over.
I do not become the other.
I am always me, and
me alone.
And yet at times I feel
less alone
and still less alone.

Sometimes it feels as though I actually merge.
For a while.
And then I am again
Still me.

Which is the illusion and which is real?
That I am only me?
Or that the connections are Real?

Consciousness is my
Only Illusion
Only Reality.

We transcend.
We expand our reality.
We honor and accept our separateness
and our Universality.

Those who truly do
Learn to love any person
without distinction
and with distinction.

Love without distinction is Oneness.
Love with distinction, mutually felt,
Is a connection.

Actually, any mutual awareness is a connection.

Love, collaboration, insight, music –
Those are the connections I crave.

But becoming more aware of the little, fleeting connections,
and the feelings that accompany them,
is useful.

Do we then also become aware of, tuned into, the consciousness that is emerging from all of these overlapping, persistent and fleeting connections, from self to self to self, from group to group to group?


Presence – What is it?

A couple of days ago I saw a blog post from February (Mike Stenhouse, Trampoline Systems) that declared that (paraphrasing) “Twitter has replaced Facebook for me. It gives me everything I want from Facebook: Presence (stream from my friends). But on Facebook, I have to login a few times a day – their walled garden. But with Twitter: 24/7 Presence!”

What is the numinous appeal of Presence!

Is it a kind of love? Entertaining distraction? Sense of connectedness? The emerging Global Brain? Celebration of both uniqueness and common humanness?

Why? 20 -100 messages in a day (more?) from 10 different people (more?), some close, many not, some brilliant, many not. Why is this so comforting, stimulating, welcome?

Well, for one thing – it is attention from people I care about (and maybe some others) that requires absolutely nothing in return. Pure appreciation. I see it, laugh, nod, puzzle, or ignore it because, y’know, I’m really in the middle of something else – in fact in the middle of several things, and I have only so many neurons. But fine, keep it coming – feed my spare cycles – and soul – with quirk, you-ness, and relationship.

Is this what it is? (I’m still figuring it out.)


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