Twitter posts from 1994

In October 1994 I discovered the Personals ‘You caught my eye’ section of the Washington Post classifieds.   Many of them seemed haiku-ish, and I copied some of them down.   Today I happened across them and noticed that they are very tweet-like – trying to pack a lot into a small space.  I guess with hash-tags (for date and location), we can have twitter personals.  (Is anyone using it for that?)

Here they are:

You dropped a dime, at Union
Station.  I picked it up 4 you.
Please do call.

You: Brown curly hair
& goatee.  Were we both shy?
Want to meet.

Forrest Mall, 10/8.  You: Exotic,
Dark, M., dropped cinnabun on

Flower Hill Giant, Sunday A.M.,
10/17.  You:  Pretty, petite &
blonde, forgot lettuce for taco.
Me: tall, same check-out line.
Can we talk?

Friday, 10/22 Tysons.
Shared glances.  You: denim
shirt & tie.  Me: denim
shirt & 3 male friends.
You left in a red convertible.
I didn’t have the nerve to say hi.


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