Twitter is an idea concentrator and attractor

And also of course a friend updater and connector.

So why don’t I use it?   I think because it’s also a fire hose threatening to extinguish my own thoughts.   Or maybe because, when used superbly, each tweet is like a single drop of an essential oil, but it’s hard for everyone to use anything superbly all the time, so the stream of thoughts consists of all of these very different intriguing essential oils all mixed together, along with a lot of non-intriguing vapors, and it takes time to go through and pick out the most intriguing and useful droplets, that also are most relevant, etc., etc., and then what do I do with them, where do I put them, how do I find them again, because I can’t follow-up on very many at a time.

I recently decided to follow a single tweeter (Beth Kanter), who happens to be a consistently superb tweeter, prolifically producing tweets that have a high degree of relevance for me.  I have the same problem as described above, but much less so, and I *have* taken the time to pick up some of the jewel drops, and they were great.

Maybe it’s my body-type, and that my digestive system can get easily overloaded.   But really, the reason I don’t use it is because I haven’t.  Maybe I will.   (Now that it’s no longer one of *the* new things.)


2 Responses to “Twitter is an idea concentrator and attractor”

  1. 1 Valdis August 31, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    See my Twitter post… I also started from “this is stupid” to “this is useful”…

  2. 2 Michael A. B. Lewkowitz September 2, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    Duncan, you can find me on twitter as @igniter ( Maybe think of it as a fire-hose of consciousness streaming by… with the odd drop landing on your skin and catching your attention. It’s an ambient stream – a torrent – but not one you have to dive into – one that’s more enjoyable to watch. Maybe like Niagara Falls?

    The track feature – or searching for terms in – can be like finding tiny eddies in the consciousness.

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